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At GRM we dedicate ourselves to collect the highest quality data in order to provide the most cost effective and valuable solution for Your project.

We are experts in Exploration Geophysics. Our staff has experience in collecting hundreds of kilometres of SQUID-TEM, IP, Magnetics and Gravity Data. We have the resources to plan your survey grids, create Models of your Data, run 3D-inversions of the Data and interpret the Data. We take care of the Data and at all time ensure the highest possible quality is provided.

We provide accurate information of the subsurface for any geotechnical project, by the means of Refraction Seismics, MASW, Resistivity Sounding, Micro-Gravity and Ground Penetrating Radar. We have the means and experience in working in rural areas, underground, distant camps and anywhere where a solid Geophysical survey is needed.

Our services include

Time-Domain electromagnetics
2D and 3D induced polarization
Refraction Seismics and MASW
Resistivity Sounding
Ground Penetrating Radar
Borehole Electromagnetics
Mise á la Masse and 3D IP
3D Borehole Magnetics
Borehole Imaging and Acoustic Imaging
In-situ Logging of Physical Properties
Project Management
Quality Control
Modelling and Inversion