Rock Mechanics

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Rock Mechanics

GRM provides Rock Mechanical monitoring, Geotechnical monitoring and Rock Stress Measurements.

We are capable of executing demanding underground monitoring systems with tens of recording channels including extensometers, inclinometers, load cells and thermometers as well as installing single automatic instruments on the surface. All systems can provide real-time data in order to improve the safety and reaction times for any events.



Single automatic device such as extensometer or any other unit measuring Pressure, Stress, Settlement, Displacement, Inclination or Temperature

  • Several devices / sensors (usually underground) connected in to a larger logging system.
  • Automatic Alarms
  • Real-time data
  • Manual measurements such as Convergence measurements

Rock Stress Measurement

Hydraulic fracturing, a robust 2D stress measurement method, providing two principal stresses. Can be used on surface or in underground mines. Current depth capability 100 meters, is easily adapted to larger depths on request.

Overcoring, a 3D Stress measurement method. GRM is offering Overcoring with HID-Cells. Same cells can be installed for Stress monitoring purposes.